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Mind The Ceiling

Created a branding kit for a new podcast about female trailblazers. The comprehensive  kit included color palettes, fonts, logos, banners, the podcast cover, and various social media and website templates. 

I had multiple meetings with founder Tamara to capture and translate  her unique vision into branding that encompassed everything she stood for. The end result was colorful and stood out.

Every Instagram post uses a template that I created, and every section of the website and LinkedIn utilizes the fonts, color palette, and my templates as well.

This was a four month project from Feb - June of 2021


Official Podcast Cover

Official Logo

Color Palette


These two hand-drawn banners are used as youtube backgrounds, as well as on the website, Linkedin, and Instagram accounts.

Social Templates

These templates are used in various places across the official website and social media accounts, each one is uniquely crafted for a different purposes, and customizable in terms of text and colors.

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